HTS, one of the bloody terrorist organizations in Syria, finally hung a picture of their real leader, Tayyip, next to its apparent/known leader.

He said that Tayyip is the real leader of many large and small terrorist organizations that commit all kinds of murders, massacres, looting, theft, smuggling, and torture in Syria, especially the FSA/SMO, al-Nusra, HTS and that all states, secret services, and leading authorities in the world are Tayyip. They know all the politicians. Political leaders in Turkey, who continue to collude with Tayyip and engage in terrorism and black money business with Tayyip, also know this fact. They know all the leading names in the gang of six. Former President, black money maker, and British spy Abdullah Gul also knows it very well.

The whole world knows that those who say, “We will establish a buffer zone and stop terrorism,” are fighting in the opposite direction, that they are trying to prevent terrorism from ending, black money from being cut and the BOP completely collapsing.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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