No such an army exists

An army called the Syrian National Army (SMO) does not exist in the world. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) has not existed either. The name of the terrorist organization called the FSA was later changed to the Syrian National Army. When a terrorist organization is called an “army”, it neither really becomes an army nor comes out of the terrorist organization class.

The fact that the FSA is illegitimate, that it is a terrorist organization, and that it has been involved in very grave crimes from the very beginning has been revealed. It has been clearly revealed that the FSA is made up of bandits and terrorists. Within the scope of international terrorism, international war, and crimes against humanity, very grave and very painful realities that require urgent trial have been revealed. The process should proceed within the framework of the law and the rope should have reached the MIT, Hakan Fidan, Tayyip, Bohçalı, and their accomplices in a short time, but this have not happened.

The western world, which cannot be finished with the praise and which has been imposed on us as an example for two centuries, also fell silent. They have not bothered by the trampling of the law. Because the FSA, or SMO as it is now known, was already established by the instructions of those western countries and by the ingenuity of their black money secret services. Just like ISIS… Just like al-Nusra… Just like HTS… Just like PKK/YPG and others in various parts of the world… These are all organized terror, massacre, occupation, black money works by governments affiliated to the Ankebut Cult… This terror, massacre, looting in the region and most of the occupation organizations, BOP’s Bohçalı, BOP’s Tayyip and their gangs, and MIT was also established by using them. Again, they are managed by using them, they have committed various inhuman crimes.

Changing the name of the FSA has not cleared anything up. Hundreds of thousands of murders, hundreds of massacres, and countless looting, extortion, rape, and torture crimes have not been cleared. Currently, they are still exhibiting the same terrorism and cruelty under the name of SMO. They still want to create a second Israel, a liberated area in Syria as part of the Greater Israel project. They are still after invasions and land grabs. They are still after blood, still, torture, still murder, still massacre, still human and organ trafficking, still a drug and oil trafficking.

These facts are in front of the eyes of all journalists, television broadcasters, and influential people on social media. Years ago, the Russian General Staff shared the most concrete evidence that Tayyip was smuggling oil from Syria, using the terrorist gangs in question. Who was able to claim that these pieces of evidence were not true, from the terrorist leaders in Turkey, namely Bohçalı, Tayyip, and other murderous terrorists in their close circle… Tayyip said, “Let these allegations be proven, I will not stay in this office” before the evidence was shared. It was as if when the allegations were proven, he would step down from the office he had already occupied illegitimately and unofficially, and everything would be over. It was very clear from their speech that they had not even considered the possibility of being tried and receiving the heaviest sentences. He knew with certainty that in Turkey, the state had corrupted the functioning of the justice system to such an extent through the Masonic sect. All those journalists and TV programmers were just keeping quiet as if they had been ordered from somewhere.

The allegations were proven and Tayyip has continued all his dirty and bloody work without stopping. The Russian side was asked, “Tayyip did not resign, what will you say?” it was said. The answer was, “From now on, it’s not ours, it’s the doctors’ problem”. The fact that Tayyip, who has lost his mental health due to all kinds of dirty work and has become sadistic and monstrous, is the head of our huge country, has been openly revealed to the eyes of the world. The Russians also knew that the state system in Turkey was covertly/secretly taken over by a parallel state, Israel within us.

All of this happened in front of the eyes of journalists, television programmers, teams preparing and presenting news, their bosses, scoundrels who were made to speak as experts, and judicial authorities in Turkey. Therefore, anyone who has been a part of, aided, and abetted these crimes in any way will not have a valid excuse during the transparent trials that will take place very soon.

Even though there were so many revelations, Tayyip was so disgraced and red-handed, inhumane acts continued. In fact, when the United States of America wanted to use the YPG card more actively and took different decisions to continue the occupation, black money, and massacre in the region, FSA terrorists were not preferred. They lost a lot of power and hence their name was SMO. They have strengthened again with the organized activities of AKPKK-MHPKK-CHPKK-HDPKK, as well as the support of traitors, terrorists, and black money makers in the MIT and TAF. They also played to make SMO look legitimate. They became partners in death row crimes, and they do. Everyone should be well aware that those who justify, defend, and praise SMO and its like will be given death sentences very soon. That alone would be enough to impose death sentences. Because the crimes that are shared, supported, praised, aided, and abetted are very, very big crimes. In addition, crimes can be proven with all kinds of evidence that they were committed in an “organized” manner.

No one can disregard the lives, property, chastity, and rights of millions of people. No one can avoid being punished by claiming that they have complied with and taken into account the unofficial statements of a treacherous political cadre, who have been in plain sight with concrete evidence for more than ten years when they betrayed the homeland and the nation and also did all kinds of black money works by using state power. Even in May 2022, no one can still speak or write as an SMO or an operation as an operation. In this context, he cannot even make social media posts.

Let me tell you one more time… Those who want to be hanged together with a treacherous political cadre that is long gone should continue to commit betrayal and crimes against humanity with them.
In addition, all parties in the world should know that we have no ties to the FSA/SMO or any other terrorist and black money organization, and we will not. We are honorable soldiers. We have never, and never will, taint ourselves. We will hit SMO at every opportunity, and we will not cause obstacles and problems to the parties that hit them. We will not distinguish the MIT and TAF members of SMO and their like, and we will send them to hell together with the others as soon as possible.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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