Syria will be able to stand up quickly with the support of Istanbul

I am someone who puts moral principles at the top of everything. I fight for the values I believe in. All of the parties in the world have already made sure that I have such a stance and that I will not spoil it for money, position, fame, or anything else.
Assad or anyone else, it doesn’t matter… No one in the world will see any wrongdoing from me as long as they don’t wrong me and those who act honestly with me. As I did not leave anyone on the road, I will stand for Assad.

Here I am making a note of the date. I have no intention of occupying Syria or incorporating it into Turkish territory by force. If Assad and the Syrian people want, they will be included in Turkey, they will have an autonomous system, they will be in very big and very fast development projects, and Assad will be the administrator of Syria again. Even if they don’t want to, it’s no problem, we continue on our way as two friendly and brotherly countries. Either way, we can get along very well and win together. In both cases, we will not allow great migrations and wrong practices that suddenly change the demographic, financial, and political structure of the regions. We can make the two countries and other regional countries solve their problems.

In a short time, we can ensure that Syria becomes a prosperous country that receives “qualified immigration” from Europe, the USA, and Asian countries, closely examine immigration applications, and recruits think-tank cadres. I wrote that while we are struggling with the drought problem of the region, we will also make Syria a green country. We will also open channels connected to the sea in Syria so that Syria’s drought, food, and transportation problems can be solved more quickly and logically. These channels will also provide huge revenues in the fields of construction, real estate, tourism, and energy in Syria. Agriculture can be done easily in every region of Syria. The cost of living and the difficulty of living will disappear. Mining works, which started during the channel opening, will be continued with the most professional techniques that will not harm the environment and people and will be developed. The Syrian people will no longer just live on trillions of dollars worth of wealth. All minerals, including uranium, will be mined, processed, used, and sold.

While we are making technological investments one after the other in Turkey and creating world brands one after another, we may establish the factories of some of them in Syria. We may also establish some of supplier factories in Syria for cars that will travel both on land and by the sea and will cause a shock wave in the world when their production starts and is sold. We can make Syria one of the world’s leading countries in animal husbandry. If we can agree, we will make some African countries from the epicenters/countries of animal husbandry.

As long as Assad makes the right decisions and fights in line with the new world order I am establishing, I will ensure that he becomes one of the strongest political leaders in the world. Those who want to establish good relations with me should also establish good relations with Assad/Syria. Those who are not with a person in the day of hardship cannot and should not be with him in the day of abundance.

For all of these to be done, Tayyip doesn’t need to choose to fight in the same direction. If he turns in the direction I want, I will keep the promises I made to him and he will win along with everyone else. Even if it doesn’t go in the direction I want, it’s only a short stretch in the process. It soon passes with a bit of a loud bang. There will be no obstacle called Tayyip and AKPKK and we will continue on our way.
There is no longer any possibility that the Istanbul government will be defeated or destroyed in the face of the Ankara government, or rather the power elements behind the Ankara government. All parties in the world should also be aware of this and not play the wrong cards.

I repeat, those who still rely on Russia, the USA, China, and the European Union, and those who make plans and investment plans are greatly deceived.

And I write openly that anyone who stands up against any person or government or group or country that moves forward by meeting with me in common interests, every leader, every country, finds me and everyone who acts with me against it.

All parties in the world already know that my anger is as great and fierce as my calmness, patience, conciliatory and forgiving side.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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