Governments will be overtaken one after another in dozens of countries

In a very short time, the government in the USA will be overthrown. The Biden-Kamala gang will be removed from the game. Austin won’t be able to stop it either. He won’t be able to protect himself either.

Then Putin and his gang will be overthrown. In the sequel, governments in dozens of countries in different parts of the world will be overthrown one after another. The new China-based Survey Network project will be garbage, for now, it will collapse.

While all this is happening, whether the government will be overthrown in Turkey depends on two main conditions:

-Who will they stand on their side while a new world order is being established,

-How will they behave in front of me from the moment I take the field in as little as a breath of air?

Biden and his gang are struggling to stay afloat. The same goes for Putin and his gang… People in China still cannot believe what happened. What was planned, what kind of world order would be created, what happened in a short time, what is happening. If China continues to cause trouble to states with Turkish and Muslim peoples around the world, especially in Central Asia, it will only hasten its collapse.

I am writing most clearly that the new world order has already been established the way I want it. This ball has no chance of returning from here. Either calmly or confrontationally, this process will continue. All countries should know this, take their decisions accordingly, and make all their preparations.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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