“The whole Marmara will burn”

Queen Elizabeth is very angry

Nuclear bombs with depleted uranium in the Marmara region.

I have been writing for a long time that Turkey will experience drought and famine, that there will be great disasters in succession, that most of them will be disasters caused by artificial techniques. Even though all the censorship of my publications and social media accounts, I have always been able to keep this expectation on the agenda, especially for the last year and a half. I want both the government and our nation to take realistic measures, and lately, the government has been forced to act accordingly. This pressure seems to work, but it isn’t.

The government is currently playing the role of taking precautions and giving warnings in order not to become guilty, not to be tried, or to be crushed under the feet of millions of Turkish people who are crazy with pain and anger after these disasters have happened. In addition, the government makes detailed and realistic preparations for human trafficking, organ trafficking, theft, and smuggling of small and valuables during and after disasters. It does this mostly by establishing international connections through the Masonic cult.

Mafia leaders such as Devlet Bohçalı and Solomon Soysuz are organized on these issues with mafia inside and outside Turkey, and final preparations are made. You know, they were attempting this before, they even prepared the ships that would supposedly evacuate the Istanbulites after the disaster, the crime organization leader and drug lord crime minister Solomon Soysuz was making repeated statements, which I messed up.

In the last two years, I have caused those expected disasters to be postponed and put off dozens of times. I have caused tens of blood-sucking and exploitative countries to fall into great financial difficulties, connected to the system I call the Ankebut Cult. I also caused important and powerful leaders to lose power. I also caused the Western world to sink, Israel to fall into a very miserable situation, the United States to make a flat broke, and Germany to fall into a very difficult situation. I also caused some European leaders who have not yet lost their power to fall into situations/conditions like lemon cologne that has lost its power. I also collapsed their bloody and black plans for Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. Time has always worked against them. They lost a lot of time, money, reputation, authority, and power. While all this was going on, one of the people who got the angriest and mad was the Queen of England Elizabeth. Elizabeth, who is a person who boils the cauldrons of strife all over the world at the same time, was also very angry and angry because of my recent interventions and my last writings. She doesn’t look like she’s going to calm down and make decisions calmly.

They’ve also been displaying collusion over Ukraine lately, like their business, plans, and black money flows have been disrupted. Dozens of black money governments, especially Russia, Ukraine, and the USA, are exhibiting a collision in front of the world’s humanity. They have already caused millions of Ukrainian women and children to become refugees and to be dispersed to dozens of countries. They have already caused some of them to fall into the hands of the organ and prostitution mafias there. Among these, they brought some of the orphaned children to Turkey on the occasion of Tayyip’s organist and black money maker wife Emine. Unfortunately, they will also include them in the system. They will also turn them into cash.

They are so monstrous and at the same time so bankrupt that their evil black money business through Ukraine is not enough for them. On the one hand, they want to do similar evil deeds in Turkey, they want to increase black money. On the other hand, they want to prevent Turkey’s attempts to get rid of the exploitation, oppression, atheism, and dishonoring policies of the Ankebut Cult, and their attempts to lead other states/nations that want to get rid of it. They want to bring Turkey to its knees at a time like this. Through Turkey, they want to give lessons to dozens of countries in similar situations, to spread fear, and say, “This will be the end of you, too.” There is such a big tension and showdown on the field and it has reached the breaking point.

“Give up hope in the government. Take personal precautions. Leave the Marmara region. Get out of here. I will not warn you anymore, the number of people who take advice is very few. Those who listened to advice listened, and those who did not listen will see their bitter end.” I write in translation, but every time, my compassion still prevails. There will be a great deal of pain.

Therefore, I am writing once again. In the last article I wrote, I told a lot about the movie script, but I did not write everything I know. I didn’t write some parts properly. I’m not writing screenplays now, but I’m still not going to openly write everything I know. I am sharing information. There are depleted nuclear bombs in many parts of the coastline of the Marmara region. Yes, you read it right, there are depleted nuclear bombs.

These are mostly nuclear bombs in the Gulf of Izmit, at the bottom of the Tüpraş facility, and intermittently placed along the Tuzla, Gebze, Pendik, Kartal, Maltepe, and Adalar lines from there. In my previous articles, I made it clear that explosive and flammable gas was filled along this line long ago. Now I have written more clearly. I also realized that the mucilage experienced was related to the gases that leaked during the underground gas filling work or that were deliberately leaked and mixed with the seawater. I wrote that the so-called “natural gas smell” smell heard on the Pendik, Kartal, Maltepe lines is also related to these gas filling works. I did not write that near Heybeli Island, an underground tunnel that can be entered under the sea leads to the vicinity of the İzmit Tüpraş facility, and that this line is filled with gases and depleted uranium bombs. I just wrote this now. I do not intend to write the parts that I did not write now.

They are planning such great disasters that if it is said, “The whole Marmara will burn”, it is appropriate and would not be an exaggeration. They will also detonate the gases they have accumulated along certain lines underground, they will also detonate nuclear bombs simultaneously, and they will also make an artificial earthquake just before they happen. In fact, by continuing to play with the weather conditions, they will make snow, rain, and wind blow as much as they want.

They will implement the plans, they will cause disasters that will go down in history one after another, and then they will start repeating the men everywhere, like parrots, that everything is a natural disaster.

For example, they will speak in the following manner: “Sir, there was already accumulated energy along the North Anatolian fault line. Many scientists, as well as some ministers of our government, have warned our people many times. At the last level, explanations were made and it was understood that the disaster was the moment. There were even scientists who said, “Leave the Marmara region”. The fear happened, the expected disaster happened. In the past, it was seen that big earthquakes blew up the natural gas underground and there were huge explosions after the earthquake, and these explosions caused mass deaths. There have also been cases of en masse gas poisoning of people. In some of these cases, there were very large fires. Very dense and toxic fumes came out, and unburned gases also went up to the sky. Then, there were earthquakes in which some acids and harmful chemicals that went up to the sky fell to the ground again with the rains, causing serious skin burns in the people they came into contact with, and thus causing the people to die en masse. I know our pain is great, we are experiencing a disaster at a level that is rare in history, but these are harsh realities. Now we need to look ahead, not back. This area must be abandoned en masse.

First of all, women and children should be put on ships. Our government will take them to points in other provinces that have already been determined and announced. The guidance of aid teams from friendly states should also be followed. At such times, there are always those who write and tell conspiracy theories. It is necessary to stay in the light of science.”

When statements like these begin to be made, statements of objection are made with a truckload of arguments, but when the press and media in Turkey are under the control of secret Jews, Armenians, and freemasons playing the Turkish role, and even social media is censored by the CIA, it is very difficult to give the necessary responses to those parrots at first. will not be possible. If at least those parrots could be asked the following question, then their speech would be held: “Yener Üşümezsoy -There have been constant earthquake warnings lately. They have no scientific basis. There is no scientific data to warrant an earthquake warning. It is necessary not to go outside of science, not to make explanations based on other foundations – he had spoken and even resented. Shall we start here?”

That’s all for me. Under these conditions, there is no benefit I can provide to the masses who will refrain from throwing, announcing, disseminating, warning each other, and refraining from taking precautions under these conditions.

I and the good people who acted with me took all kinds of measures to be taken against the punishments to be imposed on this struggle for humanity, we took all kinds of decisions, we are well organized and if the “deep silence” continues among the people, we will not take any steps to prevent disasters from happening from now on. we will not take a single step.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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