NATO can be destroyed loudly

 There is no unity within NATO, there are many internal conflicts and conflicts. It is not clear whose hand is in whose pocket, who is on whose side, who is actually fighting, who is colluding.

While it has been seen by everyone that a NATO in this state colludes in the Russia-Ukraine issue, they are crazy to save the situation, to maintain the existence of NATO, to show NATO as strong, to end the Russia-Ukraine collusion in a way that will benefit them and not harm them. can do.

The situation of Aliyev and his wife Aliyeva is not the case in Azerbaijan. NATO can try to make unpredictable moves on this duo without calculating the future and the end. As a result of this, several kinds of serious problems and dangers may occur in the whole region, especially in Azerbaijan. For this reason, I have been giving warnings for a while to anticipate various problems that may occur in this region and to take precautions against them.

From now on, NATO has to be unplugged. Brain death has already occurred and NATO, which is wanted to be kept alive with the support of the device, causes many serious problems for many parties. Those who are managed with common sense among NATO member countries should leave NATO without wasting any time. The existence of a NATO in this state and the efforts to keep a NATO in this state do not benefit but cause great harm to those countries. NATO can collapse loudly and, as it does, cause the collapse of many countries or governments.

All parties should also review their relations with Aliyev and his wife.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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