The great traitors of the East: Soner Demirsoy

For years, I have been dealing with today’s members/workers of that establishment, known as Çamlıca Basım Yayın or Çamlıca Kitap, which belongs to our community, the Süleymanians community.

In the recent past, they even sold the books of Kadir Mısıroğlu, one of the leading hypocrites and whose books were full of grave ambushes to break the faith. They even sold the books of Mustafa Armağan, whom everyone knew from the beginning to be an Islamist hypocrite and in connection with them. They used to stubbornly sell the books of Ahmet Şimşirgil, whose works are full of plagiarism/theft, whose disgraceful face I have repeatedly exposed, and who has been unable to speak loudly in front of me. They resisted a lot in front of me to continue selling the books of people like these in Çamlıca Kitap, but they have already come to a point where they can’t find a way to do so.

All of these so-called writers, researchers, historians, and masters are people who work for Masons, serve the AKPKK, worship money, fame and statue, and use our religion and values ​​as a tool for world interests and politics. Even though I showed their real, ugly, treacherous faces with such clarity that there would be no room for discussion, Çamlıca Kitap has showed a great resistance not to remove their books from sale.

Why did they persistently want to sell, resisted? Were they happy that people, especially Hamidullah, who were proven to be British spies even 40 years ago, are stubbornly and persistently portrayed as credible in Kadir Mısıroğlu’s books, and that even the faith of Muslims is deteriorating?

Despite the fact that Kadir Mısıoğlu, whom I later proved to be a Sabbatean secret Jewish and British pawn, is like an vain tin from the point of view of Islamic law/fiqh, he shouted in front of the cameras that “Hazrat Ali also made a mistake”, in front of the cameras, as he looked like a drunkard and told the youth that they did not learn science. Were they glad that it was presented as wisdom, litigation?

Again, were they happy that a so-called sheikh tried to make him appear credible and accepted as a friend of Allah, even years after I revealed the true face of Nazım Kıbrısi, who was actually a secret Christian British pawn, years later?

Again, because of the fact that even Mut’a marriage is allowed in the ambush-filled book “Islamic Family Law” by the secret Lebanese Christian writer Ömer Ferruh, which was sold through Kadir Mısıroğlu’s Sebil publishing house, and that it has been stubbornly and persistently sold for forty years, and I have been on the agenda over and over again for years. Were they satisfied with the fact that it continued to be sold even though I proposed it an item for the agenda?

One day he said, “Enough is enough. This is not a Muslim stance. This much is not deception, not negligence. Were they content with the fact that they targeted me with slanders and nonsense on their Facebook page of 950 thousand people, after I struck Kadir Mısıroğlu hard blows by saying, “This is clearly an intention and the lost faith, eternal happiness”, and that I have been made a fuss of  with thousands of useless people?

In that post, in which they targeted me to 950 thousand people in a dishonest and hypocritical manner, “There is no such thing. Although they said that the master’s books are suitable for Ahl as-sunnat, I shared a picture of the relevant part of the book a few days later and showed that mut’a marriage is clearly called “halal”. Were they satisfied that Kadir Mısıroğlu and his gang continued to sell the so-called Islamic law book despite this, and that Muslims were dragged into eternal hell?

Coming from a crypto ancestry and having various moral disgraces, he is also an openly militant of AKPKK, like other people. Were they satisfied with the hypocrisy, traps, and indecent and arrogant stance of Ahmet Şimşirgil, who defended even the AKPKK’s decisions that are clearly against Islamic law, by using the religion of Islam as a tool, by using historical figures, even Yavuz Selim Khan, as a tool?

Or were they satisfied that all of the Kayı series books were plagiarized and that none of the Islamists had struck a blow on Ahmet Şimşirgil despite this?

During the leadership of Arif Ahmet Denizolgun, there were people I disclosed and had them removed from the community with a “real” written suspension, because they did ugly and flawed deeds, committed fraud, stole even sacrifice and zakat money, worked for Masons. There was a process of struggle with these, I made dozens of shocking broadcasts, they were in a state of squeamishness in front of me, I proved with proof that they even told a different lie to everyone even while replying to my followers’ messages. I have prevented the harm of these people who are hypocrites, eaters, immoral, dishonest, adulterous, cheating, liars and in a word, demonized. Why did those in Çamlıca Kitap continue to do business with such people persistently, stubbornly, and conniving at?

What has happened over the years? “This much is clearly hypocrisy, enmity towards Islam, enmity against Turks, enmity against morality and honor. This is not understanding, noticing or not being able to fix it.

Since they could not give any logical, legitimate, evidenced, Islamic creed and law answers to any of these, they remained silent, they have been silent for years. Alihan Kuriş saw these as well and I said, “He will do what is necessary today or tomorrow, but he will ban them one by one. We’ve already strengthened his hand a lot, it’s not even a problem now that he cleans them.” As he said, nothing happened. He stalled everything. On the contrary, the number and influence of these crypto-identified hypocrites increased. In other words, their betrayals, blows, traps and ambushes increased. Their emphasis, corruption, murder, rape and harassment increased. Black money business also increased.

When I put Alihan Kuriş under a lot of pressure, several publishing houses had to ban his books. He didn’t care if the members of our community obeyed these prohibitions or not. His rank was already evident. His problem and purpose were different. “Oh, does anyone from the community follow the Akademi Magazine, let’s find them, let’s put them under pressure. Let’s not openly confront the Akademi Magazine and MFS, he knows everything, his blows are very heavy.” they said, they didn’t worry about anything else.

That’s why they couldn’t stand upright to put pressure on the Akademi Magazine. They did it by setting up various games within the games. He did not exclude even Ali Eren, whose disgusting face I have written with different parts maybe a hundred times, and Halil Akdere, who can no longer be considered a human species, from the community and its environment. While he is still going everywhere, there are human devils around him that can even be  no much to look at, their types are even boats, even their body shapes are boats, cruelty is flowing on their faces, all their calculations are based on the stomach and the worm, and they are considered to be the so-called hodja. Oh, and there are NSO(National Intelligence Service) personnel guards who look like a hodja and walk across.

Corruption starts at the top. If his mother’s lamb, Alihan Kuriş, acts like this, what will the people in Çamlıca Book do? What to expect from them in recent years? While they remain silent, they continue to inflict huge blows on our religion, state and nation. They cause worldly harm, which causes great problems, pain and distress, but they are trying to steal even the eternal happiness of our Muslim brothers. And while the MFS has been fighting this fight for so many years, the members of that community, who can remain silent in the face of these traitors despite all the grave truths that are openly in front of their eyes, are about to eat a divine curse very soon. “I burned Allah! They will say, “Oh my Allah,” and not one, but a few more will descend on it. Because they totally deserved it.

Here is Soner Demirsoy, who do whatever he wants in the absence of rivals, knows that even Alihan and Gülderen are on his side, and also sees that our brothers in the community keep silent… Beware Son-er Demir-soy… After writing this, there is no need to write anything else for the followers of the Akademi Magazine of the years. I’m not going to rant either, there are new followers, and I’ve already gone through a lot of repetitions so that those with weak memory can face their selves one last time before the big battles.

Soner Demirsoy is a secret Jew. He’s mean, immoral, a hypocrite. You know, I’ve been telling you for years, those so-called Turkish, secretly secret Jewish people in the world of politics, law, education, bureaucracy, industry and commerce. No difference. Same lineage, same road traveler. The crypto Jews in Koç Holding, the Hürriyet and similar newspapers, the secret Jews in CNN Türk, Haber Türk and the like… Same difference Soner Demirsoy. They are all one, they know each other and they collude. It can even be said that they haven’t fought recently. Because our community has completely entered the setting they want.

A Son-er in our community, in Çamlıca Kitap, and always best thing since sliced bread(?)… Why? Because it’s not the only one out there. For decades, and before that, secret Jews, secret Armenians, secret Greeks and secret Masons infiltrated all over our community.

Look at his latest book… He was going to tell about the great scholars of East. It’s been explained many times already. Compiling and writing this from reputable sources takes a person at most a week. He won’t, but let’s assume he does. Later? What to do next? It is offered to Muslims. Other compilations are also made from reputable works… They tried to destroy all of them, but they were not successful. Today, the Islamic world does not have a problem of credible works and resources. There is a problem of sincere, genuine Muslim scholars who will convey these to the public in today’s language.

At a time when the nation is forced to buy bread and the branches of blasphemy are using the power of press and publishing like a weapon around the world and coding the minds, e-books are produced and distributed free of charge. It is distributed over the websites and other site owners are told “Please distribute and announce”. Videos in which voice-over and animation techniques are used are also prepared and spread everywhere. In such conditions, this is jihad-i akbar. When this is done, this road becomes huge, and the Muslims, whether they are members of this road or not, become stronger. Ignorance rises. The time of Satan and demonized humans is over. Lies and assimilations are destroyed, the Turkish/Islamic era is truly re-established. Why is a work that will be considered a translation, not a copyright, sold for 40-50 liras, even under these conditions? There is a lot of room to be slammed, but there is a whole community that seems unresponsive as if it had been sprinkled with dead soil. There’s no need. One misfortune is better than a thousand advices. Now, this silence is broken by calamities that make them cry, “I’m on fire, Allah”.

They are both traitors, scoundrels, exploiting religion and financial means. They do this by playing the role of a Muslim from Süleymanians and in an organized manner with the enemies of Islam.

And now they are too many. All of them were disclosed by name, body by body. Now is the time to give them the treatment they deserve. “I do not sleep, I am sincere in my religion and my cause. I call out to those who say, “I continue my jihad, my service.” Today is your day of jihad. Stand up for jihad, truly serve, and do not be among those who are destroyed, those who are disgraced in the Hereafter, and those who suffer painful torment.

Maybe this is your last warning. It is not known to whom, when, where, and on what occasion the death will come.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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