Who falls, who continues to govern their country

Until now, many countries’ leaders made statements that they will take Esed out of the game. But things didn’t work out the way they predicted. Biden is still colluding with Russia and China about the Ukraine issue, Iran issue and with so many other issues. Now he has started making statements against Esed. So you can see that he is a goner too.

Even the unexpected ones are gone, yet Esed stays… Biden, Kamala, Austin, Putin, Lavrov, Soygu, Zaharova, Shi, Wang yi, Bahçeli, Soylu and similar other names will be gone.

I think Esed will correct the mistakes he has recently been making over an over again. If he doesn’t, he will be of the people who goes with all these names.

The leaders who look for a way out, want to buy some time, want to repair their reputation, wish their collusion to go on, the betrayers of their nation must know that to move this crisis to Syria would be a great mistake. Before Syria, Iran crisis breaks out. Iran is literally like the aorta of Russia, China, Germany and The USA. If the aorta is slit, these countries will begin to melt down as ice. I know very well where the aorta is and how to strike the death blow to it at only one move.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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