Our state and nation still suffer the consequences of his betrayal.

Five centuries have passed on him, but the heavy blows he has dealt treacherously have still not been compensated.

Bayezid II, the son of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan and the father of Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan, was a very troubled person. Although he was known as Bayezid-i Veli(Saint Bayezid) among the people, he was not a saint. On the contrary, he was an extremely unspiritual, undirected, flawed person.

His reign continued for about thirty years, and then he was dethroned by his son, Yavuz Selim Khan, who was truly a saintly sultan. Yavuz Selim Khan suffered a great deal to dethrone his father, endured very wrong attitudes, put up a great struggle and succeeded in making this seemingly impossible blow. He both poisoned and exiled his father. Bayezid the second died due to the effects of poison and about thirty days later, before he could go very far. Even when he set out, he was unable to ride a horse. Yavuz Selim Han was actually going to hit his father’s head. Since the conditions he was in were not suitable and he would cause a lot of trouble if he did so, he stood back from this and preferred poisoning.

Because the second Bayezid had gone astray long ago. His creed was not upright, neither were his ideas and decisions. His intentions and deeds were very bad. He lived a life of complete debauchery. He was a carouser person who did not know halal / haram. He was already inclined towards Judaism, and what is called freemasonry these days existed at that time, it was spreading, and he himself was involved in this order. He was trying to drive away the truly Muslim and sincere statesmen and scholars around him as much as he could. He was gathering around him people with bad faith and bad intentions like himself. Yavuz Selim Han, after overthrowing his father, gathered many of the statesmen and scientists who were removed from the palace around the palace again. If he had not been able to carry out that seemingly impossible coup, both Ottoman and Turkish history would have flown in very different ways. In the following process, they would assimilate the Muslim Turkish nation. Just as the Khazar Turks became Judaized over time, they would also Judaize the Ottoman Turks in time. By appearing as Turks, the Jews destroyed the Ottoman Empire from within. They established the republican regime and their system of betrayal called Kemalism. How they wanted to Judaize the Turks in the fifteen years that followed. They even wrote the anthem for it. In some of their anthems, they did not hesitate to say “Blood”. They turned the power and institutions of our state against our nation with betrayals. To this day, they continued their unbelievable betrayal, cruelty, exploitation, assimilation practices, immorality and dishonoring practices and they still do. So, if Yavuz Selim Khan had not sincerely waged jihad at that time and the sharp sword of justice had not existed, the Turkish nation would have been subjected to the same treatment as in those times. And they would be asked to be Judaized by the power of their own state.

The time will come, I will tell a lot about it, and others will certainly talk a lot about these issues. While giving this information in brief for now, I would like to add the following part so that it can be opened for discussion now and the real history will be revealed. Bayezid II willingly accepted the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492 to the Ottoman lands. Those who expelled those Jews from Spain said, “If even one of them stays in this land, we are in trouble. Black money is in them… usury is in them… Infecting drinking water is in these… Kidnapping children is in these… They smash people up to babies in rituals… They don’t worship Satan… They have competition in evil… These are unleavened holidays… These are barrels with needles… These are seditions among the people… Do not intentionally break your creed and morals/honor in these… All kinds of evil that comes to mind are in them.” The second Bayezid knew very well that the Jews expelled from Spain were like this, he did not have to take them into our lands, but he willingly took them. Already, the people he kept close at the state level were secret Jews and Freemasons.

Yes… Until Yavuz Sultan Selim Han defeated his treacherous father, that traitor deliberately did great harm to the state, nation, ummah and future generations. Yavuz Selim Han, who struggled to prevent his damages and struggled to go down in history, could not prevent all his damages. Turkey still suffers from the betrayals of the so-called guardian Bayezid II. Since that day, most of those Jews betrayed these lands, they did all kinds of evil/devil, and they still do it.

Even at that time, Jews and masons did not hesitate to infiltrate the Islamic communities and sects on these lands. Here, Alihan Kuriş became one of the traitors who started to think of himself as a Jew, got involved with the masons, and were recruited. In recent years, he has been doing nothing but witchcraft, betrayal, gambling, drinking, adultery, betrayal, and following the orders of the Masonic order. There are other examples like this in history. Now, if a person does not come out and look like Yavuz, the result will be very, very dire.

Who stands and fights like Yavuz, who stands like the second Bayezid and betrays, is clearly visible before the eyes of everyone who wants to see.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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