Yeah, That’s it…

What goes around comes around and the day comes when the sword of justice cuts a man…

Worldwide, there are tens of thousands of so-called doctors to be prosecuted, such as that so-called doctor Coetzee, who was the first to detect the omicron variant. They have lied from the very beginning, serving governments that even engage in organ trafficking. They have become partners in murders, massacres and black money deals. They have become in all kinds of crimes against humanity and capital punishment. Now they cannot escape these trials and severe punishments by saying “I was threatened”.

Attention should also be paid to the so-called Turkish press and media reporting this woman. What they have ignored for years so that the corona games will not expose, they have created a great atmosphere of fear and pressure on the society, but there are many who do not ignore this woman and make news. Because this woman is another member of the system to which they are also a member… They all are always tarred with the same brush… We have already severely cut the front of the Ankebut Cult on this issue and removed the corona games. In a short time, dozens of governments started to make concessions from this black money business behind the background of the corona games in an organized manner. There is no longer any field of action for such so-called doctors. Unexpectedly, the balance on the field suddenly turned against them. They wondered what to do. It is to be expected that they want to purge her and others like her with such tricks, but we must be careful. We will never compromise. We will not allow fait accomplis to happen. No matter in any country in the world, those who display hostility to humanity with their corona lies, cause millions of people to die and billions of people to suffer material/moral damages, will never go unpunished.

They ask such people, “Be a little sincere, don’t make fools of your interlocutors, why did you wait for this day to make this confession?” Again, they say, “If the politicians and scientists in Europe have pressured you to say that the disease seems much worse than it is, now come out and name them one by one… Or don’t make a fool of humanity.”

Thousands of those who have been complicit in these matters in the so-called Turkish press and media in Turkey from the beginning will also be prosecuted. Even those so-called doctors Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin will be put on trial. Enemies of humanity, who took part in the imposition of so-called vaccines, will also be prosecuted. Members of so-called scientific committees will also be prosecuted. The so-called experts and scientific committees who used the wrong drugs in high numbers, even though they knew from the beginning that it would cause death, will also be prosecuted. Even politicians, holding bosses, so-called journalists and television programmers, so-called scientists, and so-called NGOs who flatter, reward, challenge and support them will be put on trial. It will be investigated immediately, whether they are masons, those who are led by masons even though they are not officially freemasons … Jews … Satanists … CIA or MOSSAD affiliates … Or the secret services of those other known black money and organist states. Are they connected… This part will be looked at in the first place, how they accepted these people, what kind of organization they brought to their inner world, which will operate without any conscience in such an evil organization against all humanity. Not a single Masonic lodge will be left in the world. Not a single mason master will go unpunished. The true face of Europe and the USA will be revealed to humanity in the clearest way. Masonic homes, which are accepted as the world’s leading and reputable broadcasting organizations, will also be destroyed by court decisions. World humanity will go on a hunt for jew/mason/satanist.

The presidents of some states on the African continent stood up from the very beginning to protect their people against the corona games, and some of them were shot and killed by the CIA. All humanity will learn about these by watching and seeing their concrete evidence and witnesses/confessions during the live-streamed trials. This inhumane Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult, its affiliated mason and satanic governments, secret services and mafias will be wiped off the world.

I can see these, they are very, very few left…

In no other period in the history of the world has there been such an organized and widespread era in which such evil, hostility to humanity and evil have been practiced. The darkest period of history, that is, this period of the Dajjal will now come to an end. The blood and tears will come to an end anymore.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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