I’m so bored

I act manly and openly write whatever I do say about everyone. Whoever I threaten, I openly threaten. Most of the time, I write clearly what I’m planning, what I’m going to do, even which direction to go. While this should increase conflicts, it does not increase, but the number of people who constantly talk behind my back is increasing. My friend and my enemy know that I don’t like those who can’t speak to my face and talk behind, and I don’t count them as men.

Let them stop shouting after me, stop being humiliated to the world, let’s see whoever has whatever skills come on me and do what he can do. Keeping on henpecking, what is it? A man speaks once, then does whatever he says. Or he does not say what he cannot do, he does not speak. Let’s stay away from those harlots who are dancing like a belly dancer…

Anyone who has a problem with me should come up to me or not talk behind my back. Otherwise, I will suddenly appear in front of them somewhere. I haven’t even consider the possibility of being friends with such people, I wouldn’t, but even being hostile requires a level. Has everyone become a satanist in this world, what is this disgraceful situation?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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