It is time

“A nation two states” period is over. ” A nation nine states ” period is also over. One nation one state must be. It’s time for that. We all have the same blood; we are Turan altogether…

Two-day work to overthrow the dictator and traitor Aliyev at the head of Azerbaijan … The traitor and dictator at the head of Turkmenistan are already unable to fidget. Expecting insurrection and being overthrown. He has made decision to hinder it. The traitors in other Turk states are in the same condition. A very large energy has accumulated in the South Azerbaijan.

All the world is fluttering to solve my plans and connections. For a long time,I have executed a policy to compromise and meet the joint interests with some states those who have thought to stall me off in the imagination of their bojangling view. The time is tickling against them, the surroundings have been besieged, the bottoms have been carved but they could not notice that.

In the last days they discuss that “How have all these happened? Moreover, how did it happen as soon as possible? “. From now on they don’t know what they can do about that. They foresee nothing. They are even out of their hopes and morale…

They are waiting for what I will write here by saying and saying “Now what and how will happen.”.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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