Weird… So weird…

I couldn’t understand and found which Turkish officials Zaharova is talking about.As the authorities in Turkey in Zaharova expressed, on the issue of Kazakhstan, there is no person whospeaks against Russia, making malicious explanations, tries to fish in troubled waters, standing for the heroic struggle of the people of Kazakhstan. There is no one in Turkey that the illegitimate president with the ministers business of making black money, the Minister of Crime Affairs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Defense Minister, the commander of the Turk armed forces, any Military Authorized Officials, the head of MIT or any staff of MIT. The administrative staff in Turkey is full of traitors, full of Turkish enemies, full of Muslim enemies. What wanted to do in the GNAT they have messed up. Neither they could defy me nor they were able to stand for the gang with Tokayev with open statements. Nor they were able to use phrases as we will do this or we can do it. Nevertheless, even a shepherd on mountain through the occasion the GNAT is full of traitors. The authorities in Turkey, at this level, wholesale pro-Russian and anti-Turk. How many days they haven’t slept. They seem to be trapped. When the nation rebels, when they are hung, in pursuit what happens to them because of the incidents in the world. So how can they make such sentences which Zaharova expressed?.

We need to understand these phrases, seriously to take into account and to tolerate a bit. It’s not easy at all. Even it is the official view in Turkey, even many countries, including the United States, have had colluded fight with Russia in Kazakhstan, the Russian administration has become aggressive who hasn’t been able to stand, flopped, disgraced in front of the world in Kazakhstan.

Something is coming to my mind and I think myself, if Zaharova meant to threaten me, if she is trying to threaten me. The threat is unclear and I’m not also an official. I am not a mild man, a simple pawn like Zaharova who already betrays Russia, as a spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could threaten. If I were threatened through Lavrov, I would be even offended with it. I say that Lavrov is equal to me? I said that “Putin will even get shot when an opportunity comes around” but I am not hit back, they only sat in silence and went into hysterics.On this occasion I have clearly shown what power it is to the world, taken no notice of Putin, do I take notice of Zaharova(!) ….

Nevertheless, it pokes my mind …The number of authorities those who display bizarre behaviors and has incomprehensible sentences while playing a thousand of tricks to not clearly express my name of their fears, concerns is increased all over the world and continue multiplying. For them, it is a distress that they clearly express my name, if they don’t express my name here it is such a distress … They are unable to diddle and already know that all the competent and effective people of the world know me, but only people, the crowds on the streets do not clearly recognize me. While so many effective and competent people know, without responding me they know their silence that gradually suck them under. Let’s see how many weeks they will be able to express my name.

Let’s see if someone among them will be able to dare to threaten me by clearly expressing my name. Let’s assume that a person takes a step to do it then when and how will be the end of that person?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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