Ukraine-Russia Crisis

Continuously changing balances in the world requires us to go to decision changes in some issues frequently.

We’re still not the favour of any states in the Ukrainian-Russia crisis. We are not favour of two countries. We will be the supporter and the protector of Turkish and Muslim groups in the Crimea in the Ukrainian borders and also Russia’s occupation. We will carefully follow the field / progression every second to avoid damage to them. After paying attention to our sensitivity we will allow the West / NATO front to pass the Straits of us extremely freely. We will also allow them to have a very high number of force in the Black Sea. However, Turkey’s land, air and sea facilities will not allow to be used by the West / NATO front. Using our ports, our airports, our bases, our military war means, our troops and the USA and NATO bases in Turkey will not be allowed.

If our red lines in this issue is not paid attention, any sides not paying attention to our red lines neither Russia nor the West / NATO we will stand against.

We’re the sovereign of here we will never compromise our stance. I have clearly expressed, we do not also recognize that Secret Masons, Armenians, Jews have held administration of our state at their hands those who have signed the international treaties. The articles of Montreur we do not care about. Therefore, even though the West / NATO side is to undergo submarines and aircraft ships under the Straits, according to us it does not constitute a legal, military and political problem. After the West / NATO passes if any power element exists that can ask the account in this regard, “May it ask!” Here it is the field.

In our sensivity in the Turkish world, especially Kazakhstan, we will not step back in our struggle. Our Kazakhstan struggle will continue non-stop at the most violent pace until Kazakhstan attains a real freedom of it. The interventions I mentioned in my articles on Kazakhstan I will continue to do them all over the world. I will also entangle the Western world. Whether they face Russia in Ukraine or not to face I do not care . Due to what I have written above, in particular the Western world, how many days I have written and many things “I will do” that I do not give up on them. In Kazakhstan, I will call out each Turk death from all the states, government and organizations behind this work..

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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