Not only Tayyip but also Bohçalı holding his leash at his hand also flopped big

Tayyip and Bohçalı are also in this despicable game. The occupation of Kazakhstan with Russians, Belarusians, Armenians, Americans, Chinese, Europeans, the long-term problems there, the increase in human and organ trafficking, the suppression of the rightful reactions of the Kazakh people, as has been done many times before, Tayyip and Bohçalı were among those who wanted their underground and aboveground wealth to be exploited even more…

They were consciously in all the plans. These bastards were among those who aimed to take their share from this bloody, brutal, inhumane game… They were clearly among those who betrayed the Turkish and Islamic nations. Tayyip’s silence is both because he can’t believe what has happened and the pace of living, he was shocked by how long my strength could last, maybe because he had never seen such a policy in his life, and also because he stood on the side of the enemies of Turks and Islam… He is silent for fear that if he makes a single mistake he will be overthrown and hanged before Tokayev. It is very clear what is being fought for in Kazakhstan. Even Tokayev stopped talking about terrorists, traitors and putschists and began to make sentences one after the other openly, which admitted in advance that the people were waging a collective struggle. All Muslims and Turks who are in their right mind know that even silence is treason. And Tayyip is silent because he is on the side of the traitors and his plans do not work. In fact, Bohçalı was also going to be silent, yesterday he received sudden and unexpected instructions.

Openly supporting Tokayev and his gang, the traitor, black money maker, human smuggler, organist, Russian and Chinese pawn in Kazakhstan, like that Devlet Bohçalı… Openly supporting Tokayev and his gang, the traitor, black money maker, human smuggler, organist, Russian and Chinese pawn in Kazakhstan, like that Devlet Bohçalı… There is no logical explanation or excuse that will be the basis for this openly betrayal and openly showing his side speech out. Not being able to find any excuses, but still hiding behind FETO rubbish… Everyone has been aware of what these sentences mean and known it.
Everyone knows that the Turkish nation will not let such an open and advanced level of betrayal go unpunished.

Even Tayyip, Nazarbayev, Tokayev, father and son Aliyev as pure as the driven snow afront Bohçalı. He has been infiltrated in the head of the struggle for Turkishness, and it is necessary to stand and fight like a Turk after the time my instruction with which I have provoked all real Turks to struggle, taking the panic and fearful instructions from abroad, coming forward and speaking contrary to what I speak having the courage means” break my pen!”

At such a time when triggers are being pulled all over the world, every Turkish person who knows and care about this Bohçalı traitor, the secret Jewish, Armenian and Masonic judicial and political officials placed under his command, is a traitor. We have nothing to say in words to anyone who still listens to the words of this Bohçalı and his gang, and still takes into account the borders he has drawn into consideration. We do not have a homeland that will remain unresponsive to such blatant betrayals, arrogance. To leave the field to people like Bohçalı would be to leave ourselves to dangers much more serious than the dangers of the people of Kazakhstan. Either neck or nothing( Bohçalı to his way) … Let’s see together how the end will be, even if the Bohçalı tries to openly betray the defense of the homeland and the Turkish cause with the instructions he receives from outside, and tries to break and stop the reaction of the whole Turkish nation with a last hope. Let the foreign states that hold the collar of Bohçalı at their hands see it.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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