We don’t accredite

Tokayev, the intruder governer of Colonial Russians and black money maker, declared retreatment process of so called Peace Force soldiers starts in two days. This is not an explanation to be accredited, to be trusted.

Our terms are very clear. A real freedom to be established in Kazakhstan. It is not only enough that retreatment of the soldiers of Russia and black money maker states beside Russia. Tokayev will also retreat. Everyone against Kazakhstan public will retreat. On the one hand, declaring the so-called peace force soldiers will retreat but he couldn’t give even a definite date of when it will be completed … On the other hand, assigning prime minister someone like Smailov is already a manifestation that it is not already wanted to being sincere and setting up games.

Our struggle will continue without cutting speed until Kazakhstan really gets its freedom and the claims of the Kazak public are fully implemented. Not only Russia, China or the United States, no other country will be involved in Kazakhstan’s administration and internal affairs. Kazakhstan’s underground and above-ground riches will not be made benefits available to anyone. A new regime will be established in Kazakhstan.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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