People around Putin don’t care about him

The known gang around Putin is trying to direct the field but the field disregards them. The field is not also listening to Şoygu. Şoygu had already thought and accepted that he would be killed in all probability at the end of these works. In a very short time after I said “I will hit heavy blows to Russia” before the eyes of the whole world, what I have caused is in front of everyone’s eyes… These are just the beginning. I would like to teach them about politics and leadership and to adjust them, but I don’t think their life time will be enough.

The top names of the Cobweb Cult used Putin, and as unexpected things happened, Putin fell into disfavor. They also disfavored the gang around him. In particular, Lavrov, Peskov, Şoygu and Zahorava fell into disfavor.

At the end of this work, the world will be a new world. The USA and Russia will be torn apart. The system will be re-established all over again in Belarus, and a large number of human evil officials who have meant to the Turkish world will be killed. After a while, there will be no country called Belarus. There will be no state called Armenia, and a large number of people who are the supporters of this human smuggler, organist and money-laundering government and cause bloodshed in the Turkish world will be hanged in public places. The power and even the systems of dozens of important states all over the world will change. International organizations such as NATO, UN, EU, WHO, UNICEF will no longer exist.

We can also say that the last and bloody/armed clash part of the third world war has just begun.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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