Hz. Mahdi is the last perfect master of the Naqshbandi path reported in hadith-i sharifs

His Excellency Sulaiman Hilmi Tunahan (QS), who constitutes the 33rd and last link of this chain, whose line of Mujaddids of the Naqshbandi path has been completed and supplemented with it, makes the following remarks in one of their conversations:

➥ “ In the hadîth-i-sherîfs about Hz.Mahdi (alaihridvân), was secretly informed by our Master of the Universe (PBUH); However, whoever has the key opens it, and those who see the truth of the matter cannot be understood by anyone else. If everyone understands, the secret will become apparent, it will be against the procedure. That is, to whom the owner of the time, the heir of the Messenger of Allah, opens the curtain, only he will understand. Such is the secret in the Prophet Isa(AS) descent to earth. In their greatness, their states and secrets are closed.”

Mujaddid of the second millennium, the 23rd ring of Silsile-i Aliyye-i Nakşibendiye. Hazrat Imam-i Rabbani (k.s.) in his Letter, gives the following explanations about  Hz.Mahdi (alaihridvân):
➥ It was reported in the news as follows: The promised future of when Hazrat Mahdi (AS) desired to increase the value and reputation of religion during his reign and to revive the sunnah, this scholar of Madina, who made it a habit to practice bid’ah and thought they were good and deserved religion because of this thought, will say, with amazement, that this person of ours will disappear: He wants to abolish our law and destroy our law!’ Thereupon, Hazrat Mahdi (AS) orders his death (removal of his bid’ahs). Thus, it will be seen that the actions that he considers good are bad, that is, bid’ah. ‘This is the bounty of Allah, He gives it to whomever He wills. Allah is the owner of the greatest bounty (grace, benevolence, and grace).”
➥ ”I think/understand that the Mahdi (alaihridvân), who is promised to come with his success, will be in line with this Nisbet (that is, the branch of the Tarikat-i Aliyye-i Nakşibediyye-i Mujeddin), and he will complete this Silsilah of Aliyya and complete it. . (It will be the last link of this chain.)” (al-Maktûbât, 1,251.)

Hazrat Imam-i Rabbani (k.s.) also includes the following remarkable sentence while explaining the reason for writing his aforementioned letters and many other compliments:
➥ “We have been informed that all our writings will be read by the Mahdi (alaihirrahahmeti vettahiyyeti verridvân), who is promised to come in the End Times, and will find all of them acceptable. This is the reason why we write so much.” According to what we have heard and heard from Mazanne-i hayr/mazanne-i kirâm(considered auspicious/great people), Suleyman Hilmi Tunahan (quddise sirruhu) states that one day (meaning):

➥ “May Allah be pleased with Imam-i Rabbani, they wrote these letters, and all of them are acceptable to us. If he had not written them, we would have had to write them too.”

Conqueror who conquers the world and dominates it

Conqueror Jahjah or aka Qahtani…

After Hazrat Mahdi, a conquerer administrator who is not a perfect master(Genuine Guru/Sheikh) will continue the way and services of the Mahdi (AS).

“The days and nights will not pass until a man named Jahcah takes over (the Doomsday will not come, days and nights, that is, life will continue). (Muslim, Tirmidhi)

In the annotation of the 958th hadith of Zubdet-ul Bukhari Translation, the future of a person who is described as “Jahjah”, which means “hero who shouts at war” according to the statement of the Er-Raid Dictionary, is expressed as follows (translated from the Shark’s Commentary):

“This person’s name is Jahjah. He will be a very valuable person and will appear after the Mahdi and will follow his path. Just as the shepherd drives his sheep, Jahcah will rule all countries as a conqueror, and everyone will bow to him.” (Sharkavi Commentary) (Jahjah must not be the name of the person, but his qualification. Look: Ibn-i Hanbel 3.89) 

“A man from Qahtan will come out and use his staff ( (Bukhari, Menakib 7; Müslüm, Fiten 60) According to some scholars, Qahtani’s name is Jahjah. And his reign will last for twenty years. This person will appear after Hz. Mahdi will follow his path. With the phrase “guiding/administering people with his staff”, he was likened to a shepherd, indicating his good and fair administration and strong reign against those under his rule.

According to what Ibn-i Asâkîr and some other hadith scholars (hadith scholars) narrate, Kays b. Jabir said:

 “The Prophet said: There will be caliphs after me. Emirs will come after caliphs. After the orders, the tough Meliks will come. Then a man (Hazrat Mahdi) will emerge from my Ahl al-Bayt who will fill the earth with justice instead of oppression. Then, it will be ordered that Qahtani be put to work. I swear by Allah, Who sent me with the truth, that he (Qahtani) is not inferior to him (Mahdi). 

It is reported by Sulaiman of Isa’s son:

 “I have heard that the Mahdi will die after ruling for 14 years in Bayt al Maqdees. Then a man named Mansur (Qahtani) from the people of Tubbe will come. He will be killed after ruling for 21 years. After that, Haysem will come to power and will rule for 3 years 4 months, and 10 days.”

According to Nablûsî, it is an allusive expression in the sense that he rules people with his staff and they obey him. However, what Qurtubi points out is that he is tough and strict, this is not against everyone; only against transgressors. However, he is an honest person and judges with justice.

Ibn Hajar, According to Nuaym b.Hammad, what he narrated, he was Abdullah b.Amr  he is narrated with a strong case that said “……and a man from Qahtan” when he counted the caliphs. Again in a good deed, he narrated that Ibn Abbas said: “……and a man from Qahtan, they are all righteous people” (Ibn Hacer al-Askalânî, “Fethu’l-Bari” (Sakhih-i Bukhari Commentary), vol.6, p. .535.)

Required to summarize…

-According to an authority like Imam-i Rabbani and Sulaiman Hilmi Tunahan, the Mahdi is the last perfect master of the Naqshbandi cult. So, He is Sulaiman Hilmi Tunahan is His Excellency.

-The “scepter” mentioned in the hadiths may be the staff of Hazrat Musa, and all such sacred relics belong to Hz. Mahdi has been left.  Hz.  Mahdi has the chest mentioned in the 248th verse of the chapter of Baqara. The Jews call this the Ark of the Covenant. Even the seal of Prophet Sulaiman (AS) is in this chest. It was handed over to Hz. Mahdi. Hazrat Mahdi (AS) may also give this ring or scepter, as well as other sacred relics, to his righteous assistants who will become caliphs/amirs/administrators after his change in the world.

-Qahtani does not mean a person from Qahtan, who is in  Qahtan  , who was born in  Qahtan. It means one who can come out of poverty and drought and then become a conqueror, that is, a world ruler. There are two kinds of scarcity here. In the first period of his struggle, it means that he can struggle despite the deprivations and the conditions that seem impossible, and in the second period, he can be organized and reach a great power/organization. The second meaning is Hz. Yusuf (AS) was a person who will bring out those who are subject to him from the scourge of severe drought, poverty, and hunger as in the time of Yusuf. And he has a life like Hz. Yusuf and Hz. Musa. He does what they did and how they lived.

-The years expressed in hadiths do not have real meaning. Expressions such as “20 years” or “40 years” are also not in the sense we understand, and they inform much longer periods than we think.

– It is understood from the quotations above that Qahtani/Jahjah is a person who will have a very, very important place in world history. He is the person who will serve as great as Hazrat Mahdi (AS). He is the person Hazrat Our prophet (PBUH) told his Companions at length and with love, and whom the Companions loved and respected much more after that time. He is the commander who will make the second conquest of Istanbul. He is not a perfect murshid or Mahdi, he is just a righteous and Muslim ruler. Just like Hazrat Zulkarneyn, he is a person who will perform tremendous services that were not bestowed on hundreds of thousands of prophets and reach such a great spiritual level. Just like Hazrat Zulkarneyn, he is the person who will make the whole world a single state, rule it with justice, and become the “fifth person to rule the world” mentioned in the hadith. Then he is the person who will conquer other worlds and end the oppression and establish justice there. Just like Hazrat Zulkarneyn, he is the person who will defeat the Gog and Magog peoples in war and will be the commander in the war to be held for the second time with these alien people.  When  Hz. Isa(AS) is brought back to earth, he will remain the ruler of the world, and at that time Hazrat is the person who will make decisions in consultation with Isa (AS).

In the time of Hazrat Mahdi, we will have brothers who will be guided by the Jews/Jews and who will be honored with Islam. This was 14 centuries ago. It was informed by our Prophet. Just as some people from the Jewish nation in the age of bliss accepted Islam and became one of the Companions, they were treated very well and lived happily, and the same will happen in this period. Large Jewish groups will see and understand this truth and accept Islam. That time has come. Even among those of Gog and Magog nation who are in our world now, there will be those who accept Islam and become our brothers.
We do not have racism. We do not have to condemn or condemn people for their pre-Islamic life. There is no judging or punishing those who prefer Islam for what they did in previous times. The book of deeds of a person who accepts Islam is as clean as the day he was born to his/her mother. Allah forgives them. We Muslims forgive them for what happened in the past and we never talk about the past. We do not torture them even with our tongue.

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