DW even legitimizes a real front-line war between Türkiye and Germany

The Istanbul government:

The ongoing publications of Deutsche Welle Turkiye on various platforms despite the official prohibitions are threatening Turkiye’s existence and integrity.

DW’s publications which openly support terror, divisiveness, crimes and the criminals, also became Germany’s tool to interfere with the internal affairs of Turkiye make a real war between Germany and Turkiye legal.

No one can interfere with the internal affairs of Turkiye and especially the subjects of trials through the tools.

Germany either know its place or it will collapse more and more with the harshest responds of Turkiye.

The Istanbul government:

The Turkish people who are guests of broadcast organizations that are officially banned, whose broadcast platforms (channels, social media accounts, websites, radio channels) and broadcasts are blocked from access, or those who participate in broadcasts in written, audio and video form, will be punished for accepting the banned broadcasting organizations as an addressee and ignoring the official verdict/ban. Although what they say and write to the channels that are banned are completely legal and in accordance with the law, these people will be punished. Their punishment for not recognizing the authority of the state will be very, very heavy.

The legal gaps in Turkiye that cause the field open for the separatists will be bridged with the legal regulations that will be made immediately.

And Germany, the USA and the other terrorist, separatist, colonist, thief, criminal countries will not be able to support the separatists and terrorists, the separative and terrorist activities in Turkiye appeared as press and media activities.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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