They will either be exiled or destroyed

I guarantee that I will destroy the states who try to establish the state of Palestine.

I am not joking. I am very determined and I’m starting to get angry.

Also, I have the same determination on the issue of the unofficial, illegal and invalid so-called authority called TRNC .

There has never been a state called TRNC. The entire island of Cyprus is our land, no one can divide it or take it from us.

The gypsies called the Rums, the community of the Gypsies called the TRNC, the Gypsies of England and the Gypsies of Israel have no right or authority in Cyprus and they cannot have.

Either all the parties in the world will know about it, accept it and act accordingly, or they will immediately skip an era of tens of thousands of years in their defense system.

We will continue to say prayers and curses for our Eastern region and Southeastern region to be more destroyed.

The Armenian Gypsies and the minorities either correct themselves or they will be expelled or they will be destroyed.

Terror, black money businesses, perversion, heresy, treachery, separative activities will be destroyed fundamentally in this country. If necessary, 40 millions of people will be destroyed in this country for this and even the most leading countries and peoples of the world will be destroyed for this.

Because of these people, there are terror, terrorist organizations, human and organ trafficking, Shi’a, Huda-par, Al-Qaeda and similar organizations, murderers, brutality, unending noises and arguements, there are nudity and corruption activities in the press and the media and everywhere, high level of illegal electricity usage, financial crisis, the US and NATO bases in our country. Because of them, our treasury, our lands and factories are sold to others, girls in childhood are forced to marriage or they are even sold in this country. There are more and more. These people have all kind of dirty deeds…

These people who have defective genes, who are troubled about everything including their genes, their way of thinking, reasonings, behaviors and habits either start to live like human or all of them will be destroyed.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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