Netflix is ​​a huge national security threat for Türkiye

The Istanbul government:

The recent event has once again revealed that all of the types/ways of broadcastings in Turkiye should be corrected immediately.

The freedoms that allow everyone to swear… The freedoms that allow everyone to use women in the shows and films as naked as they want… The freedoms that allow all the people to use women as property… The reedoms that turn everyone into perverts… The freedoms that turn all the people into gays… The freedoms that turn the broadcasting opportunities into corruption, destruction weapons should be prohibited by the articles of the law with the verdict of which can be clearly understood.

One of the biggest and leading reasons why Turkiye has corrupted is the press and the media which has been used as a weapon by the crypto-ID traitors from the start.

The first thing to do is to terminate all the activities of Netflix which is a huge national security threat for Turkiye in Turkiye within the scope of law. A platform like Netflix where the satanists, Freemasons, the enemies of the humanity, the enemies of honor and morality meet and use the broadcasting as a weapon are so much more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

The secret Jews, the secret Armenians/Christians, the secret satanists, the members of the secret Freemason Cults who are known as the celebrities, artists, actors, singers, models must be exposed just like FETÖ and we must scrape all of them off the social networks and everywhere, then we should wash there with rose water. Their darkness is so deep that even though they will be scraped off, their darkness will remain. The countries who have been allowing these people to engage in activities this comfortably and the deep connections between them and these countries must be exposed immediately.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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