There is the Istanbul government that can destroy the whole world for Türkiye

The Istanbul government:

The dirty businesses done by making Gaza a center in a way that benefits Africa, the USA, the South Africa countries, the satanic countries of Asia puts the entire humanity at grave risks.

But the fact that they want the state of Turkiye to be involved in the dirty businesses in question poses tremendous risks especially for the state of Turkiye and the Turkish nation. The fact that the state of Turkiye faces very high risks and problems means that the humanity faces much more risks.

Because, there is an Istanbul government who can destroy the entire world without hesitation to save Turkiye from the risks.

The Istanbul government:

The plans to protect, support, bring the Armenians/Gypsies in Palestine into good conditions and their efforts to own the land of Palestine, their efforts to declare a supposedly Islamic-looking Christian state of Palestine there of the Christian Armenians/Gypsies who have infiltrated the administration of many regional countries, the countries across the world and especially Turkiye, are about to drag the world into a complete global disaster…

If these Armenian Gypsies who have defective genes, who are troubled about everything including their genes, religion, the way of thinking, their style and cause continue their recklessness, it is difficult to predict how big a turmoil and destruction the result will cause in the world.

It is more difficult to predict what kind of hell this region in particular will turn into…

The Istanbul government:

We will never allow the Armenian Gypsies who have infiltrated the administration of certain countries in the region and throughout the world, especially the Armenian Gypsies who have infiltrated the administrations of Turkiye to cause turmoil in this region called “The Middle East” and in the world and we will never allow them to put Turkiye’s existence and integrity at risk.

We will now make life unbearable for the Armenian Gypsies who brought millions of pioneer invader unions they called “the refugees” almost all of whom are of Armenian Gypsie, who placed and feed them as upper class citizens and betrayed the country countless times.

The Istanbul government:

The ongoing official or unofficial betrayal activities of Hasan Doğan and the Armenian Gypsies with whom he is connected within Turkiye who are secret Christians just like him threaten Turkiye’s existence and unity and also threaten peace and security of the entire region and therefore it threatens the world’s peace and balances.

The Istanbul government:

The arrogant and treacherous activities of the Armenians/Gypsies pretending to be Turkish in the assimilated country called Azerbaijan are caused Turkiye and the region to face great risks and problems.

The businesses the people in question are doing with the Armenians/Gypsies who have infiltrated to the administrations in the region have exceeded the limits. They are getting on the nerves of the real Turks/muslims and their trur allies.

The Istanbul government:

Turkiye and the region is very solid that a handful of Armenians/Gypsies with small minds cannot change, transform them or cause turmoil in the region with the instructions they receive from different parts of the world.

I suggest Armenian Gypsies who are well-intentioned, honest and not hostile to the people of the region and the humanity, who do not aim to change the boundaries of the region, just like them, who never involved in every kind of bribery, betrayal, smuggling, terror and black money businesses and who have never become a pawn of others to leave Turkiye and the region as soon as possible. An Armenian/Gypsie cleansing is inevitable in this region and we can forsee that it will happen in the harshest way.

The Istanbul government:

We will see all the states and companies who will sell even one plane or a part of a plane to the Turkish Airlines which is managed by the Armenian/Gypsies, with the priority of doing betrayal against our country and nation and black money businesses as members of the following well-known inter-nation alliance that wants to divide Turkiye and then destroy it.

It has become clear with the behaviors of Airbus and Boeing in recent days that they are still not suffered enough, that they want to experience more and more unsolvable problems and damages.

The last day to land all the Airbus and Boeing brand planes on the ground across the entire world is july 1, 2024…

Well-known companies and the countries who support them have a very clear stance, they never and cannot compromise their own black money business, nor do they see our Turkiye as a colonial country and exploit it. Because, if they had not been colonists, they would have been nothing, and now they would be nothing if they do not exploit.

But, we advice the companies carrying civilians and cargo and the side companies connected with them to immediately take urgent decisions, even leave this sector before July 1, 2024.

The process after that date will go down in history of the world because of the events that will took place.

The Istanbul government:

In a world where Turkiye and the Turkish people are not safe, not at peace and at risk, every country across the world, every official and private companies will not able to fly passenger planes.

The companies that will not be able to fly their planes may want to collect the expenses incurred from a handful of Armenian Gypsies in question who have infiltrated into the administrations of different countries.

The Istanbul government:

We would like to inform numerous countries and companies who will be affected by these developments and who will suffer incalculably great financial damage…

We will lock down the Airlines and we will not unlock it anywhere in the world as long as the US bases and the NATO bases, dozens of terrorist organizations, and also over 15 millions of so-called refugees continue to stay in Turkiye, continue to threaten Turkiye’s existence and integrity, continue to support a handful of secret Armenian/Gypsie arrogants infiltrated into Turkiye’s administration.

The Istanbul government:

What we have done to this day is a guarantee of what I will be able to do in the future, it is a warning and explanation of what I will do.

There is no time for us to wait.

Either there will be life and property safety in this country, the existence and integrity of our country and nation will not face even the slightest risk, or the entire world will burn, destroy, collapse and die.

The Istanbul government:

We see a very red war on the horizon.

The Istanbul government:

We don’t want to suddenly destroy the imagination of those who think they can get out of this very strong storm which has started to blow with the support of the USA, England, Germany, France, Russia, China and the governments like these, but we are sure that we can simultaneously crush all these countries under our feet just like bugs.

We have tried to see what we are capable of for years. Now, we will strike with all our might.

Hello! I do not care about the phone traffic. I do not care about the herd or about what will happen to them, I also do not care about the fake allies. Connect me with only the true allies and those who will speak on the issues about Turkiye’s existence and integrity.

The Istanbul government:

From now on, we forbid every public and private Airlines around the world to operate flights to anywhere in Turkiye.

We forbid the civillian passenger planes, the cargo planes and even the private jets. The most logical thing to do for them is to not operate any flights to Turkiye from anywhere in the world. We are not responsible for any life, vehicle/plane, good or money loss that will take place.

As of now, no plane of any Airlines in the world will cross through Turkish airspace.

As long as there is a company called THY (Turkish Airlines) in Turkiye (or if other companies are quickly formed instead, as long as they exist), as long as this exploitation in Turkiye continues, as long as the US and NATO bases continue to stay in Turkiye, as long as more than 15 million invaders called the refugees stay here, as long as Turkiye is involved in the Palestine and Ukraine issues, as long as Turkiye’s security risks continue, this prohibition will not be lifted.

For the sake of the martyres who shed their blood into our land in the process our homeland entrusted us, we are all praying Huuu…

Because of Aliyev who is a secret Armenian/Gypsie infiltrated to the head of Azerbaijan is a major security threat for Turkiye.

We will violently target all the gas and oil wells, all the sea and land tankers, all the related gas and oil pipe lines, all the related refineries which benefit Israel, Russia, England, the USA, England, Germany and France.

The trailer is over, the film is about to start…

All the individuals, groups, secret Cults, the organizations seem to be civil society organizations, companies, vehicles, devices, places and everything in Turkiye related to any part of Azerbaijan which is a country of devilry and especially Aliyev and Aliyeva will be exposed to our metaphysical signals.

The level of the metaphysical signal they will be exposed will not be a trailer, it will be a film which have more and more appeared in the recent days. The red winds will be talked about by the entire world.


All the countries who continue to have official or unofficial relations with Hakan Fidan who is a secret Armenian/Gypsy and one of the leading pawns of the Inter-countries gypsy alliance threatens the existence and unity of Turkiye, will continue to be exposed to our metaphysical signals as in recent years.

The Russia visit of Hakan Fidan who is a pawn of others, bastard, arrogant, traitor, money launderer, terrorist, separatist, who is a war and massacre criminal, fraud, who is an arm and drug trafficker, Oslo traitor, who is mentally ill will cost Russia a lot.

The areas where electricity is used illegaly and where the Armenians/Gypsies live will be heavily exposed to our metaphysical signals.

The illegal businesses of these evil creatures who do not recognize the law and authority, who cannot be educated cause a major damage in the Treasury of Turkiye. And this increases Turkiye’s strengthen. It turns into major problems such as terror, money laundering, the risks of integrity and existence.

There will be so many calamities, accidents, death, problems, financial losses in places where there are communites who do not recognize the law and authority, who do not care about anyone’s rights, who cause us to constantly question whether they are human or not, that this cannot be explained.

There will be no traitors, money launderers, spinless creature serpents, those who sponging off someone elses left in this country.

Everything is for a clean Turkiye…
Everything black and dark in this country will be changed, transformed and if necessary, it will be destroyed.


The Istanbul government:

The existence of the unofficial and illegal authority called the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus threatens Turkiye’s existence, integrity and national security.

The Istanbul government:

Democratic Republic regime and the foreign and betrayal ideology threaten Turkiye’s and Turkish nation’s existence and integrity…

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