We warn all pro-Istanbul parties to be on alert

The Istanbul government:

One of the most prominent of many grave mistakes of the former president of Isran (Israel/Iran), who is the accursed Ebrahim Raisi in the last days of his life was to getting closer to the BRICS which is a crime, terror and betrayal organisation and the enemy organisations of the Turks and the religion of islam.

Turkiye will not be involved in these and similar crime, terror, black money, humanity enemy organisations of them, it will not even get close to them. It will not even be an interlocutor.

This is a very important issue that directly concerns the existence, unity and integrity of Turkiye…

We will never allow an empty Ankara gang which is just an image to put Turkiye on such a path, the end of which is a cliff. Whatever kind of conflict is going to happen, I declare it right now that we are going to be involved in all of them, but we are going to keep Turkiye out of this trouble.

Things that have happened recently showed the Turkish people and the world humanity that Istanbul is a government and Ankara is a despicable gang. Istanbul will continue to stand in the way of this hollow, empty gang dragging Turkiye into dangerous and useless struggles, and to prevent them as usual.

The Istanbul government:

Petrol transition is the business that Ankara gang who is nothing but a gang, who is already been confirmed that all the signatures it has made to date are invalid wants to accomplish with the states like Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan who are extremely hostile to the Turks and islam and the secret Armenians, Freemasons, black money trafficker connections are nothing more than the plans of the certain states who keep these small states under control. It is nothing more than the insidious games of certain circles, groups countries who want to surround, weaken Turkiye, who want to make Turkiye dependent, who want to keep Turkiye in their hands, prevent Turkiye from gaining its true freedom and want to use Turkiye as much as they want.

The Istanbul government will not stay unresponsive against these despicable people and despicable games who want to control Turkiye’s internal and foreign policy through the petrol business and as a result, who want to drag Turkiye into disintegration and even destruction if they can find the power.

Turkiye will not interested in the gas, petrol, water or the strange two-legged creatures alleged to be human of the satanlands called Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan and it will not deal with them.

It’s not about gas, petrol or energy. It’s about existence, integrity and freedom. The games they try to play through the Akkuyu NGS is nothing different from this.

The Istanbul government:

This stance of the Ankara gang who want to revive the black money sources by carrying out a military invasion to Syria and to rush to rescue of dozens of countries including Israel, England, Russia and China is not national and necessary stance.

These days, when everywhere in Turkiye and especially the presidential complex and the parliament are full of terrorists, traitors, money launderers, even the idiots wouldn’t and even cannot believe that there will be an anti-war military operation to Syria.

These days, when the Turkish people are about to rebel because of hunger, poverty, lawlessness, excessive taxes, those who look for black money in a rush won’t be able to satisfy their desires.

All the insidiousness is desired to be done within the framework of the directives by the scambags who are the colonists, the states who are hostile to the Turks, İslam and even humanity, and the Freemasons, satanists ritualists, magicians, sadists, money launderers among them.

A military invasion of Turkiye to Syria without ending the terror, betrayal, separative activities, mafias, gangs, with the crypto-ID people who work for other countries would cause the risk of having consequences that will threaten Turkiye’s existence and integrity.

Everyone knows what the Ankara gang who is the pawn of others wants to do but the Istanbul government will never allow betrayals, savagery, despicable deeds and deceit.

We are not bearers of bad news and we are always ready to be the nightmare and the disaster of those who claim that we are bearers of bad news.

The Istanbul government:

We declare Putin who is a bastard and a pawn of others “the bitter enemy of Turkiye and the Turkish people”.

We declare to whole world that soon, we will kill this bitter enemy and the gang members around him.

We will show all the Russians and Chinese people and especially Putin and his gang, Xi and his gang with scenes that will make them devastated that Turkiye is not a state that they can transform, divide or expell.

The Istanbul government:

The Ankara gang who will attemp to use Turkiye’s law system against us in an illegal way with the support of Israel, England, Russia, China and with the instructions, directives and support of the black money gangs called the government who works with these countries will cause the Apocalypse start across the entire world.

We cannot say “We are fed up” now, because we’ve had so much more than this…

This world needs an Apocalypse. We are warning all the pro-Istanbul parties within Turkiye and across the world to be on alert. This time, we will play this game as hard as Ankara wants and those who give them instructions and who think that they can manipulate Turkiye through Ankara, want to.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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