The Middle East is in my palms…

These are the properties of a sinking ship…

The Middle East is in the palm of my hand….
Should I squeeze it in my hand now, is it the right time?

This is an investment advice. As of now, all the investors who don’t want to be destroyed, who don’t want to be exhausted, who don’t want to be wiped out must stay away from the Royals.

There is no such a country called Palestine. I do not recognize those who recognize that so-called country.

I don’t think I should tell what I do to the parties that I don’t recognize.

If I change the balances thoroughly in the Middle East, the collusion between Russia and Ukraine will be over. All the parties are informed in advance…

Let anyone do what they want. And they will prepare their end, accordingly.

The UN’s political influence has thoroughly decreased after the president of Germany hit a solid rock.

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