I am not making role for the cameras. I’m telling the pure/genuine truth

Bahçeli, driving in the left lane with an ordinary car that only he is in…

He will see that two funeral cars in the right lane are slightly ahead of him.

Bahçeli will want to pass the American brand towing vehicle in front of him which is in his own lane. First, he won’t be able to pass it because of the narrow lane and he can’t overtake the vehicle. Then, he will make a second move and he will pass it.

As soon as he passed the towing vehicle moving in front of him, he will immediately cross the two funeral cars in front of him moving back to back in the right lane.

👆👆👆I’m not playing a game for the cameras. I am telling the pure truth.

What they called the Republic Alliance is already done. If the rest will be finished after the dissolution and how the process will flow, will be determined in the next 9 days.

Everyone should be realistic. At the end of April, Ankara is completely finished. An Ankara will no longer exist. It will never exist again. There’s not even one in a billion chance.

Only those among the rest of them who will move on by accepting this fact will stay in the game. Otherwise, they will be wiped off.

Especially, the investors should be aware of this truth. They must urgently move to a world without an Ankara.

I find Bülent Arınç very unsuccessful. He talks nonsense mostly.

They say, “Mfs, you already collapsed Ankara, but at least, let the rubbles remain.”

Why would I?
Why wouldn’t I strike the final blows?
Ankara must be separated immediately, those who don’t want to take damage should step back.

Has there been any news from Germany?
While the man was walking around here like an invasion governor, this visit was not properly discussed in the German press.

Also, the very shocking developments in Germany are not being discussed in the German press… While this censorship storing up and imprisoning so much energy, the moment of the abolition of the censorship will be at the intensity of a nuclear explosion.

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