If a cork gun had gone off right here… Alo! Call Germany..

What would have happened if a child had detonated his cork gun over there…

O don’t know if I should tell you but I want to. Tonight, I saw Ekrem İmamoğlu in my dream and I didn’t see him well…

The last time I saw Murat Kurum in a dream and I said, “I saw it in a dream, give credit if you want but I will cross his path. Do not support him or spend on him in vain.” and so it happened.

There are defeats on the Ankara front, Germany front and the Arabic front.

The enemy elements are defeated in a very short time. Their games for the cameras didn’t help them at all.

Tayyip is so depressed. It would not be an exaggeration if we claim that he hoisted on his own petard.

No matter what people say, I still say Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky…

What would have happened if a child had detonated his cork gun over there?

●Hello! Call Germany and deliver this message:  

If my name is Mfs, if I’ve brought this struggle from scratch to this day, you can be absolutely sure that I will destroy Germany. I will wipe Germany off the map and destroy it. If necessary, I will turn the world upside down for this. I will make you pay for the blood you’ve unfairly shed, for the peoples you’ve exploited and especially for the Godless crimes you have commited through the terrorist organizations from the time of so-called Holy Roman-German Empire to the present.

“Ankara hükumeti”, BRICS-Şangay ve Çin merkezli yeni bir Ankebut Ağı

The Istanbul government:

The fact that “the so-called Ankara gang” is trying to be kept afloat against the will of the Turkish people and especially the will of Istanbul, is causing the functioning, security and authority of our state to experience greater problems.

The Istanbul government will continue to respond to all issues that pose a threat to the existence and integrity of the Turkiye, at the times it deems appropriate and as it deems appropriate.

The Istanbul government:

Let’s leave aside the fact that Turkiye will be a member of BRICS or Shanghai, we do not even consider those who make propaganda about Turkiye getting closer to them Turkish. We do not see them as innocent or well-intentioned.

We are not interested of the fact that they are named with different adjectives such as retired official, retired diplomat, author, analyst, researcher, strategist, journalist, talk show host and commentator, social media celebrity etc. And we do not separate any of those who will do this evil and betrayal to Turkiye at such critical times from the others.

The Istanbul government:

We are against the will of those who want to create a new China-based Ankebut Cult urgently and by compulsion instead of the London-based Ankebut Cult which is already collapsed, with propaganda and deceits.

We do not care about which countries are being victimized to make China the new center but we have never allowed and we will not allow Turkiye to be used as a tool for a process which is empty and ends in a cliff and a disaster.

The Istanbul government:

The state of Turkiye is not responsible for the babies have been born with birth defects but the prostitutes who cannot even count how many husband they have are responsible.

Turkiye is not responsible for the borns with birth defects caused by prostitutes who travel around countries and sign agreements, have sexual relations with everyone, lie in everyone’s bed, despite the fact that they do not have official authority or official caapcity in reality.

Turkiye haven’t made any of those agreements and all of the agreements are invalid.

When the prostitutes’ game will be ended, Turkiye will say to them that “They should go and find those prostitutes and solve the problems with them. Your interlocutor is not the state of Turkiye.”

The Istanbul government:

If the big bankruptcies in England were not hidden and if it had been announced, there would be a new big bankruptcy news in the channels of England every hour.

We do not take England where half of its population are starving or half-starved which fell in a very bad condition against Istanbul and the USA, China and Russia who are the dogs on leashes of England and who have worse military, financial and political conditions than England seriously.

In these days when they sunk to the bottom, we see their plan to create new atmospheres, incomes by bringing Turkiye closer to Russia and China through the Ankara gang as a move that is even more dangerous than Russian roulette for England and its dogs on leash.

At this rate, the Royals of England will end up being killed just like Netanyahu.

No one can make decisions about the end of Turkiye by using their dogs in various parts of the world. And the Istanbul government who will destroy the dream worlds of those who think they did can never be stopped.

The Istanbul government:

We see that those who will try to carry out a military operation to Syria and Iraq with the instructions and collusions of others are tens of times more likely to get involved in a sudden operation than the possibility of a military operation to Syria and Iraq.

The Istanbul government:

We are not interested in the Ankara gang that we already know their backstage.

The Istanbul government:

We do not care about who are working for Russia in Turkiye. If anyone will try to pull Turkiye into various traps through Russia, then we will rip off Moscow’s and Beijing’s carotid arteries.

The Istanbul government:

We are not comfortable with the cursed and arrogant Ebrahim Raisi being along where he went. Though, there are so many Ebrahim Raisis. The fire calls for them, either.

The Istanbul government:

The sentences of the Putin character in which he included Turkiye are an interference with Turkiye’s internal and foreign policy and these are the statements that indirectly threat Turkiye’s integrity and existence.

We advice all the parties around the world that they shouldn’t take the Putin character who is a bitter enemy of Turkiye and the Turkish people seriously.

Otherwise, the parties who will be harmed in this tension will not only be Russia and China, but also dozens of countries.

There have been several similar processes in the recent past and the result has always been the same. And it won’t be any different now.

You misunderstood me…


I pull the strings in Turkiye…


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