Which of their plans did Istanbul not disrupt?

Do not be deceived by those who are trying to play a game for the cameras. They are defeated in the field. They are desperate, scared and panicked within and outside our country.

The gang that they called the Council in Ankara has already become dysfunctional, it is already collapsed and dispersed. They are spreading the news, “The council will change. There is only three of us whose places are guaranteed. Everyone else can be changed.” through the so-called journalists under their order. Ankara is finished already…

Even if they try to form a council not once but a thousand times, it is useless. They have no time, money, skilled men, courage or room for action…

Even the groups they never expected have left their side and ceased their support.

Tehran also has thousands of problems simultaneously with Ankara.

It expects Istanbul to leave the field, reduce the pressure and it hopes the black money and terror businesses will increase but it hopes it in vain. Their end has come, either.

Do you see that they avoid saying the name of the betrayal and black money organization they called the Organization of the Turkic States for months?

What about the events that were going to happen between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the black money line that was going to be a transport line going down from there and it was going to reach the ocean?

Haven’t Istanbul ruined all of their plans? As a result of my responses, even the Akkuyu NGS that they already started is exploded in their hands and will not continue. They said that it will ensure the development of the country under these circumstances.

They add sentences similar to the sentences in Istanbul’s Highway project to the news they have made about it. It is very easy to put on a show for the cameras but it is not possible for them to start the action when Istanbul says no.

They only prepare their way to the grave and they are aware of this but they are the pawns on leash of others. They have no right of objection even if their owners lead them to death.

And then one day, the instructions “Run boy, bite him boy, rip him off boy” turn into “Die boy”.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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