Damn pawns have gone beyond the limits

The arrests will only help to grow and accelerate our rebellion.

Neither England nor the USA nor Israel can keep the so-called refugees in Turkiye. Even if their dogs on leash will use our state power unlawfully against our people, this rebellion will not end. No one will able to violates the fundamental rights and freedoms with any excuse. The freedom of the press also won’t be able to violated.

This is a rebellion. This is a right and legal rebellion of a great nation. This is a rebellion of defensing the homeland and the nation. This is a rebellion against those who are still spending the money and means of our people who are in financial trouble for the invaders in our country. This is a rebellion against the countries who want to divide and disintegrate our country. This is an uprising which is no different than the War of Independence.

It doesn’t matter if those who gave the orders of the arrests are seem like political or judicial officials, they will be punished rapidly in the court of the nation. Both the so-called officials and their so-called decisions are invalid. They are unlawful. They are illegal… The judicial system doesn’t work in Turkiye. There are only a bunch of so-called judges and presecutors who are aiding and abetting to the traitors and the invaders. The grave crimes of the so-called state leaders, the so-called ministers, the so-called mayors and even the members of the supreme court are published everywhere. All of them are involved in the mafias, they are involved in the black money trafficking and they are under the command of those states… Where are the real judges, where are the real prosecutors? The state has been seized by the bandits and they are openly using almost 20 million invaders to change the balances of our country and to divide the country as soon as possible. During the process, they maintain a cash flow for those countries through them by doing every kind of black money businesses.

It was already certain that this country cannot be recovered without a turmoil.

No one will take a step back. The streets are ours. This is our country. This is our state.

They cannot silence the nation with the arrests and by using the judicial authority against the people. Our holy war mubarek. Let everyone press the buttons one after another.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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