You’ll reap what you sow

Donald Trump’s mugshot is released.

Donald Trump has become the first former president to ever have a mugshot taken as he surrendered on more than a dozen charges for his alleged efforts of scheming to overturn his 2020 election results in Georgia.

What goes around comes around. These are good times for you. You will experience so much worse than this. You will get what you deserve.

If you will interfere with functioning of my state one more time, if you file tens of empty cases and the court make decisions arbitrarily… If you trample the rule of law under foot…

If you won’t close some forced cases even though it’s been more than ten years and continue to force it… If you distrupt the functioning of every institutions of my country from prisons to the hospitals…

If you respond a real Turk who wants to serve this country by distrupting the functioning of his own state’s power and institutions one more time…

I will stick the whole masonry into you-know-whats of you. I wrote it already, I continue the process.

He was the president of the USA. He was giving instructions in Turkiye. He was supported by Macron, Merkel and the others. Who is he, now? He is arrested and released on bail.

What happened to the people from AKPKK who obeyed his instructions and others like him? They are looking for a place to escape.

There were two prison guard at the gate who helped me when I was taken to prison. They were preparing my documents, taking my fingerprints and taking a picture of me.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I would immediately recognize them if I see them again…

One of them couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Why are you so calm? We have seen many people here. Men are crying when they are taken in prison.”

I said, “I know I will get out of here.” immediately. I would say more than that but it would be heavy for them and they would find it ridiculous. If I would say it all, I would say that “I will get out and they will get in prison one after another. Even a very high number of them will be taken. Even the foreign parties who are behind this will be punished.”

Besides, look at the mug shot of Trump. He went crazy. He looks like a mad bull but that’s good… The more he gets angry, the nearer his end is.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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