I am not recognizing anyone named Assad

Asad is nothing to me who is ungrateful after all these years of work and support of mine… He turned into nothing and his existence doesn’t change that.

Those who have problems with Asad and how they solve their problems is no longer my business. I am not interested. And I don’t trust those who get along with him in spite of me.

Almost all the leaders will be changed across the world in a short process and Asad have no chance to stay in power. He would have maintained his presence, he would have stayed in power and even he would have grew too powerful when everyone else will be gone. And he would have made Syria a very powerful country but he chose this end by his own will.

No one’s religion, language, descendant/race is not my business. Although I want to get along with everyone. But I never allow cowardice, ingratitude. Even if it is Putin… Even if it is Trump…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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