How was those days, those years…


We had rebuilt the political balances of the world from scratch in favour of Russia.

The leaders who consider themselves political geniuses couldn’t even understand what we have done in favour of Russia. They were shocked and gave up in short time.

Russia has never been a real ally/friend of us. Because Russia is not ruled by the Russians. The Russian people have no influence in Russia. Russia was ruling by the pawns of England, Israel and the USA.

The traitors in power have deliberately destroyed the balances, the gains we have formed by weaving knot by knot… They only had to move forward, but they could not even do as much.

They already deserved to be crushed under the foot of the Russian people and hanged in the public places in Russia.

What you have seen for years was nothing. From now on, you will see the true power of Istanbul.

From east to the southeast…
Forward march!..

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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