The Nation has begun to seize the administration of the country

Tens of countries in total especially Israel, England and the USA who are directing the so-called political parties and leaders with instructions as they used to do hit the will of the turkish people like they hit a hard rock. This is the end of it and it is so good for our people, our state and our true allies.

The tens of countries who still aim to continue and to result this process in an illegal way and contrary to the will and interest of our people as they have done up until now are defeated.

All the domestic and foreign ellements who created artificial earthquake attacks for so many times to result the process in their favor and against our people, who are hiding the fact that the stock exchange has collapsed, who hide/make them hide that they have not even a penny left in the treasury are defeated.

From now on, there is a short but chaotic “reborn process” ahead of us. The Turkish nation must make the last preparations immediately for this chaotic process and the true allies of Turkiye must openly stand on Turkiye’s side in this process. All the foreign elements against Turkiye, the Turkish people and Istanbul in this process will be destroyed in the new world order.

The nation began to seize the administration and the following things will happen one after another:

– Tayyip Erdoğan’s character will be removed the office of President because of his publicly known diseases and will be treated at a safe mental hospital. He will be trialed in the end of the process.

– Every kind of official documents, regulations, law, agreements that have Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s signature are invalid and terminated. Those are in favor of Turkiye and the Turkish nation are valid until the new regulations, agreements and laws are made. The others will not be considered.

– The presidential system which is a product of the CIA, a system put in place in the continuation of the unofficial elections and referendums is invalid and terminated.

– All of the so-called refugees more than ten million, especially the Syrians will be expelled in a very short time that almost in “a couple of days”. This so-called refugee system that is being carried out with the aim of a covert invasion of Turkiye, for the Great Israel project and the human and organ trafficking system which is widespread across the world will be collapsed in a couple of days.

– Turkiye is not a member of NATO, the UN or the EU. The officials who signed to make Turkiye a member of this kind of masonic and satanic organizations were not Turkish, they were the traitors. Therefore, the US and NATO military bases in Turkiye are illegal and unlawful and they will be evacuated immediately. If there will be any resistance, armed forces will be used against them.

– Armed force will be used against all the related political and military elements of the states who will interfere in the internal affairs of Turkiye in any way, including the preference and legalization process of the new administrative system. Even the so-called diplomatic representatives who will make this kind of attempts will be seen as enemies and will be neutralized by the armed forces.

– The ministries that have gang members who never have authority and who have no authorized minister supervising them in TBMM are invalid and will not be taking into account. The Counsel of State, the Court of Accounts, the Supreme Court and YSK are also invalid.

Our nation have the word. Hand in hand with the army and the nation for a truly free Turkiye…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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