Revenge is a delicious meal when eaten cold

I do not consider any of those who fight for the south Azerbaijan to connect to Azerbaijan/Aliyev who are under the complete control of London and not to Turkey as friendly elements and I will not. In fact, I will consider the parties in question as the parties who should be destroyed, should be brought to their knees completely, should be disarmed, in the first place.

The South Azerbaijan will be connected directly to Turkey. Then, we will continue to make moves to connect the entire ancient Turkish lands called ‘Iran’ to Turkey. The actors of the London-based world order will not able to stop us to do these.

They will go into many crises throughout the month of december and they will enter the new year with major crises. In the following months, they will become incapable of solving their internal problems/issues. As I have said clearly, time is on our side, and it is against them.

We have defeated the Ankebut Cult and London at the center who aim to carry out a military operation in Syria with our army, to increase their black/bloody money, again. We haven’t allow them to carry out the comprehensive operation in Syria and we will not. We will watch with pleasure the western and the eastern countries that will agonize and struggle like their aorta tied up when their black money flow will be cut off. Revenge is a dish best served cold. We will start to destroy every member, without exception who connected with NATO in Turkish Armed Forces and the London-based system. We will destroy all the traitors by shooting, by using high-level assassination techniques or using metaphysic techniques when necessary. I will not allow the bionic robots to replace them and I will knock those out of the game who replaced by the bionic robots.

As I said from the beginning, the pace of the Greece-Turkey crisis that London wants has slowed down. We will not allow the parties to increase the pace of this artificial and colluding crisis again these days.

The so-called refugee issue has gone too far, I’m overwhelmed. I will strike destructive blows rapidly to the parties in Turkey who stand against me on this issue. Especially in these days, Putin/Russia who thought he/it could stand against Istanbul, became an embarrassment to the world and they are being laughed at, let’s see how the world will laugh at the parties in question in Turkey. In fact, there is nothing to surprise. Putin and his gang who have committed vileness, hostility and crossed the line against me will be in a lot more trouble. I don’t see the whole Russian nation as an enemy but they haven’t displayed the necessary stance and did not fight even though I gave them time. I have no other choice but disintegrate Russia to save the humanity and the Russians. This is the Russians’ choice, not mine…

If any parties left who think that they can challenge me about the Straits… If any parties left who think they can commit acts of terrorism and create artificial disasters like Putin does… I invite them to display their attitude openly like Putin does. It will be a great duty and a great pleasure for me to do the the same to them what I have done to Putin. From now on, I am the one who says what goes in this country and region.

Sedat Peker can’t make any publications for all this time and it’s making me nervous. I have written what needs to be said from the beginning on this matter. I’m not going to repeat. I openly declared that the time I gave is over and from now on, we are starting the conflict on this matter. The relevant parties know what will happen.

Except the Esed’s forces, the process of expelling all the foreign elements (including the Russian and Ukranian elements) in Syria from it’s borders will continue by increasing it’s violence and without slowing down. It is worth reminding how determined I am, one more time on this matter.

As I said, it seems that December will be full of violent conflicts and we are already prepared for this.

| mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi

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