“Here I am”

 I wrote years ago, that there can be a giant wave (tsunami) without an earthquake. After a while, I also wrote about it, some vehicles in the hands of aliens in our world can create giant waves without earthquakes. Again, I wrote, the thing called Poseidon was not a god, but a vehicle made by aliens with high technology that could guide the seas.

Today, such vehicles can disrupt the tide balance in the target areas, and sea recessions up to hundreds of meters can be seen on the beaches of the target area.

One of the issues that remain human in our world, that is, scientists who have not been killed and replaced by bionic robots, and who have not lost their morality and conscience, is one of the issues that need to be investigated: How is it possible to collect water bodies as big as the ocean, I don’t know how far below the earth’s surface. Moreover, how can this water be salty?

Another issue is this: How is it possible that a very large amount of gas, which could not blow up a city, can be collected under one point of the earth, although it has not been found before, in a short time.

Unless very advanced science and technology are involved, neither such frequent and strange sea withdrawals can occur, nor such frequent and strange earthquakes, nor such a rapid drought, how often dolphins and whales wash ashore, how frequent bird flocks While in the air, they die en masse and fall to the ground, neither such frequent and large forest fires can occur, nor giant waves (tsunami) without earthquakes, neither so-called meteorites can fall so often, nor saltwater oceans under the ground.

No scientist who does not accept that frequent interventions are made in the natural balance of our world by using high science and technology cannot provide a scientific explanation of the events taking place in our world.

These facts will become clearer in the coming days. The sides will use their advanced technology furiously and wildly. As a result, there will be great disasters, mass deaths will occur frequently, and events that go down in world history will occur one after the other.

Because Turkey is using the siege to save both itself and the whole world. Because Istanbul are breaking the siege. Because Istanbul will soon say, “Here I am”.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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