Putin will even get shot when an oppurtinity comes around

There will be internal conflicts in all the countries I mentioned yesterday. Countries other than them will also be meddled. In many countries, agitator interventions from the bottom has started. This confusion will be very beneficial to the end of this struggle. Some Western countries will also have internal disturbance in the fleeting time. I will intervene all they have any bleeding wounds at the same time.

There must remain no patriotic groups around the world who hesitate, avoid, lose time. We will get started to gradually show our power, get the states rid of the influence of the Cobweb Cult, take down the governments those who work for the Cobweb Cult.

Shooting around the world is free it is even neccessary. In aforementioned countries pulling the trigger is mandatory until not remaining any single politician, military official, court official, academician, boss, religious leader and fake savior who works for the Cobweb Cult…This is nothing more than to serve humanity, gaining honor and reputation in the world and the hereafter life. Only treachers and enemies of humanity can claim this is terror or betrayal.

Even if it is necessary to get shot of Putin at first place that is necessity of law and humanity, the shooting of him will take place without being hesitated. Goon squad leaders, brutalized anti-law terrorists, the organists, pudicity enemies those who are accepted the foremost heads of the governments will also get shot. The members of the governments of the Western countries behind the evilness will also get shot. It will be done what is needed to be done to enemies of humanity for welfare and safety of homeland, life, goods, chastity, body / organ, all the world humanity.

Whoever gets angry, mad for these instructions of me and seeks revenge against me because of the fact that I prevent them to harm humanity and those people whoever have issue with me they easily find, reach me, address me. I’m noticeable, I’m on the field, I’ve never been hidden, I’m not hiding now. I’m not scared of anyone at all. The ones who baffles whenever I show my strength won’t be able to get shocked whatever I said that starts to occur. They will take way to the hell as soon as possible.

If there is the Cobweb Cult here it is the world humanity. Let’s see several bionic robots, Jews, Satanists whom are brought to power over communities by them whenever they want would be able to have the world wrapped around its little finger and shed the blood by exploiting the world…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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